Best Truck Tool Box Reviews & Buying Guide 2018

If you’ve spent countless hours looking for the best truck tool box with no success, you’re in luck because this review guide has what you’re looking for. I have compiled best tool box for truck reviews so you can find the right one quickly.

You can go over the reviews right now, and I have arranged them to be as comprehensive and detailed as possible. If you want to know more, I have also included other information about truck tool boxes for your convenience.

Before you check out the reviews, you may look over the following information as well.

Why You Need a Truck Tool Box

The best truck tool box provides a lot of versatility for the truck driver and also for any outdoor enthusiast. From storing valuables to tools, there s no shortage of options and ways a tool truck box can help you.

Storage Solution

There are a lot of uses for a tool box, but the most common is as an all purpose storage system. Yes, these containers are made mainly for storing tools, but it can be used for other items that you may want to carry.

A truck tool box can be used to carry the tools and supplies of a DIY buff, contractor, carpenter, an outdoor enthusiast or other valuables if you’re always on the road.

An Organizer

A truck tool box also allows you to arrange your tools so they are more accessible. How many times has it happened that you could not find the tool you were looking for? That usually happens when you just throw everything in a bag.

With a tool box you can use it to organize your stuff. These tool boxes have compartments so you can arrange them the way they have to be. This is very convenient and a practical way to manage your tools and supplies.

Use as Protection

When you’re on the road, the stuff in the back of your truck are exposed to the elements. If not properly installed you could lose them too.

With a tool box, you can provide protection for all your tools or whatever items you put in there. A well designed tool box is made from durable, high quality materials that safeguard the contents inside.

A Safety Box

Think of a truck tool box as a safety box when you’re on the road. It doesn’t make sense to just put everything on the truck bed as they’ll be exposed to dirt, rain, heat etc. By using a tool box you can take along the essentials and not worry about their condition as you drive.

You don’t even need to be a carpenter or use tools for a living to benefit, as it can store lots of stuff.

So the bottom line is, having a truck tool box makes a world of difference. If you spend a lot of time in your truck and carry tools or valuables, it is worth investing in one of these for your truck.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Truck Tool Box

Can’t decide what the best truck tool box to use? Here are some suggestions and tips to aid you.

Finishes, Colors and Materials: Majority of truck tool boxes are constructed from aluminum. Aluminum is ideal because it is durable, light and not subject to corrosion. Other truck tool boxes are built from hard plastic, stainless steel or other composite materials.

No matter what material you choose, make sure that it is durable and corrosion resistant. It must also be cost effective and built to last. A durable finish will also help fight off corrosion and rust.

Ease of Installation: Look for a tool box that can be easily installed on your truck. If the tool box is designed for vehicle use, the process should be straightforward. All the hardware you need must be included.

Capacity: How much space does the tool box have? Will all your tools fit in? Does the tool box have sections or compartments so you can organize your stuff?

The size of the tool box is crucial here. The biggest is not always the best. Consider your current and future needs before deciding what to buy. You also need to check the size of your truck bed before making a purchase.

Tool Box Mounting Style: The following are the most popular options. You decide which is best for your truck and the tools you carry.

Sliding: With this mounting style the tool box is on a sliding rail mechanism. These tool boxes are very easy to access and can be moved without difficulty.

Crossover: The tool box is at the back of your truck and covers the vehicle’s width. Resting on your vehicle’s sides, there is storage room under the box.

Chest: The tool box is set at the back of your cab. It doesn’t rise over the sides and is right on the floor. These tool boxes fit below a tonneau cover and won’t disrupt your view.

Tailgate: This mounting style is connected to the tailgate. It does not take up a lot of space either.

Side You attach the tool box on your truck’s side rail. You can put up a pair or just one. The side mounting tool box style uses up very little space and is easily accessible.

Hitch: A hitch mounting style is connected to your trailer. The advantage of this setup is it does not occupy space on your truck bed.

Brand Reputation: Buy a tool box only if it is made by a reputable company, one that has knowledge of tool boxes. You also want to make certain to buy only those that have received a lot of good feedback from truck drivers.

5 Best Truck Tool Box

Best Choice Products 49" Aluminum Camper Tool Box

The Best Choice makes a good case for being the best truck tool box as it has the features you’re looking for. Made of durable aluminum, this 49 inch tool box stores tools and supplies for truckers, outdoor enthusiasts and professionals.

The aluminum body is complemented by the chrome finish. Together they enhance the tool box and make it suitable for long term use in rugged environments.

The interior is big enough for a lot of tools, and mounting on your truck is easy. It also comes with a lock and a couple of keys that will secure the items inside.


  • Made of heavy duty aluminum.
  • Solid lock.
  • Suitable for tools and other supplies.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Plenty of interior space.


  • The lid could have been tighter.
  • Flimsy packaging.

Summary of Amazon Reviews

The feedback this tool box has received is mostly in its favor. One reviewer gave the Best Choice 5 stars, saying that fits his truck perfectly. Another customer also gave the tool box 5 stars, stating that it is a good product.

One customer review explained why he gave the Best Choice 5 stars, saying it fits his trailer just right. He said he’s so happy with the tool box that he’d buy again. A trucker also wrote a short review saying it is easy to use and handles the elements well.

One of the reviewers said the tool box is just right, not too heavy or light. He also said it’s worth the money. Another reviewer said he had no problems he had no problems mounting it on his trailer.

Based on the reviews and customer feedback for the Best Choice, it is not hard to imagine why a lot of truckers like it.

TMS Aluminum Tool Box Tote Storage

There are a lot of reasons to call the TMS one of the best tool box for truck products today. One of those is its aluminum construction, as this allows the box to withstand the elements when you’re out driving.

This tool box is built mainly for trucks, but it is versatile enough to be used on ATVs, cars, trailers, truck bed and even at home. You get a level of versatility that is not present in other tool boxes.

The TMS is equipped with a weatherproof door and a high quality hinge. Finally its aluminum bread plate provides a smooth, solid finish.


  • Suitable for trucks and other vehicles.
  • Durable aluminum.
  • Keys included.
  • Easy to install.
  • Beautiful design.


  • The lid is a bit heavy.
  • Some find the box too light.

Summary of Amazon Reviews

The reviews for the TMS shows how much truckers find this tool box useful. One of the customers who purchased the tool box said it works just fine. He also said the tool box held up well even when it rained.

Another customer said the box was a lot sturdier than he thought it would be. He also added that the box allowed him to bring all the tools he needed. Another customer said he was looking for a box for his tools, and the TMS fits perfectly.

One customer said her husband bought the tool box for his pickup truck and he is happy with it. This is similar to what another customer said, saying it’s just what his truck needs. A lot of reviewers agree with this.

These reviews serve as an indication of how good the TMS is and why a lot of truckers prefer it to others.

Best Choice Products 30" Aluminum Camper Tool Box

The Best Choice 30” tool box is built for all around use, not just for trucks but for the home as well. As one of the best truck tool box products, it is made of heavy duty aluminum that can withstand long term use.

The box is big enough to store a lot of tools, supplies and other items that you may want to carry. Once you have put everything in the box, use the keys to lock it up.

The tool box can also be used to store accessories and other items, and it is durable enough for the rigors of daily trucking. It is also easy to install and the tool box stays put even when there are bumps on the road.


  • Suitable for trucks and ATV trailers.
  • Plenty of storage space.
  • Beautiful finish.
  • Keys included.
  • Solid lock.


  • Lid is a bit noisy.
  • Metal is a bit thin.

Summary of Amazon Reviews

A lot of customers have tried the Best Choice 30” tool box and they are mostly satisfied. One of the five star ratings was given by a trucker who said it’s perfect for his truck.

One of the reviewers said the tool box offers good value and that it is money well spent. The tool box has also gotten a positive review from one who said he needed for his truck. One of those customers also awarded the Best Choice 30” tool box 5 stars for its durability. Other customers like the amount of space the box has.

Another customer said the tool box was perfect for storing his garden tools. And based on other reviews online, the Best Choice 30” tool box clearly delivers on its promise of easy storage.

Giantex 49"x15"Aluminum Toolbox

The Giantex toolbox is in our list of the best tool box for truck because of its built. With lots of space inside, the tool box has sufficient room for tools, supplies, accessories and whatever you need to bring.

The tool box opens quickly and allows you to put a lot of items inside. Once you’re done, use the lock and keys to secure the contents.

The tool box also has handles on both sides so you can lift the box quickly. The tool box itself is made of heavy duty materials and can handle a lot of exposure to the elements.


  • Straight forward installation.
  • Durable construction
  • Reliable keys
  • Smooth finish
  • Roomy interior


  • Lock mechanism design could use improvement
  • No water seal

Summary of Amazon Reviews

This toolbox has received a lot of attention online, and the majority of those that did buy like it. A reviewer who bought the tool box gave it 5 stars and said it is a suitable fit for his truck. Another customer said the lightweight toolbox is just what he wanted for his truck.

One of the customers who bought the Giantex said it is easy to install and that there is a lot of room for his tools. This is also echoed by another customer who said the box is ideal for his needs as a driver.

One of the customers was initially skeptical, but after installing the tool box he became convinced of how effective it can be. Another buyer wrote a review to say that it is just what he had in mind.

As these reviews show, the Giantex tool box lives up to its reputation of making quality products. With its solid built and ability to keep the item inside secure, it’s no wonder the tool box has gotten the nod of truck drivers.

UWS ATV Tool Box

The UWS tool box is built for ATV and truck use, and this is evident in its design. With its superior latches and metal locks, you’ll have peace of mind when you put all your tools in there.

The UWS tool box is made of fortified striker posts, and the rest of the body has been reinforced. Even if you take the tool box with you it can handle bumpy roads with ease.

What makes this one of the best tool box for truck is that it is built with emphasis on versatility. This means it is ideal for anyone who likes to travel and bring tools or various items along.


  • Roomy interior
  • Solid body
  • Keeps your tools safe and secure
  • Made for long term use
  • Suitable for ATVs and trucks.


  • Metal gauge is on the thin side
  • Polish looks a bit too bright

Summary of Amazon Reviews

The feedback for the UWS is mostly good, with a lot of the reviewers and customers happy with the box’s durability. One of the customers who bought the tool box remarked that it is for good quality and worth every cent.

Another customer also expressed positive sentiments, saying that it is well made. Another customer said it is a well constructed tool box and that he would recommend it friends. He also said he won’t hesitate to buy again.

One of the customers who got the UWS said it is a superb product. He also pointed out that installing is very easy and that he had no issues while he used it. Another customer simply said that it is well designed and more durable than he thought.

We can go on and on about the positive feedback the product is getting, but it should be obvious now that most people like it.

Advantages of a Tool Box:

  • A truck tool box makes it easy to find the tools and supplies you use
  • With a tool box on your truck, your tools don’t have to be cluttered anymore
  • A tool box protects your wrenches, pliers, power tools etc from the elements
  • You can put other items in the tool box besides tools
  • A tool box is durable and will last for years
  • These containers are built specifically for trucks
  • They come in different sizes and specs
  • You can install and remove truck tool boxes quickly

How to Install Your Truck Tool Box

The steps are as follows. Your toolbox will list all the hardware and tools needed to mount it on your truck.

1. Decide where you want to put the tool box. Most like the tool box at the back of the cab but you may want another location.

2. Measure the tool box to determine if it fits in the location you chose.

3. Cut foam or rubber padding. Set the padding on the truck rails. This is necessary to shield the surface from scratching.

4. If they’re not already in place, put the bolt plugs in.

5. Put the tool box on the foam or rubber padding. If you have a bed liner, there is no need for rubber or foam padding.

6. Open the box until you see the inside. Place the j-bolt hook below the bed rail. After poking the threaded section in the rubber plug, use a washer to secure it.

7. Repeat the steps above for the other j-bolts.

That’s it, you’re done. Look the tool box over to make sure it is secure. If it is, you can start putting all your tools in there and start rolling.

How to Use Long Truck Tool Box

A truck tool box is no different from a regular tool box. It is used for storing and organizing your tools. There are differences though in that you need to install the tool box first on your truck.

Once in place however, you use the best tool box for truck to gain access to the tools you brought along. Just ride in your truck as you usually do, and when you need the tools, just open the tool box and grab it. The ease with which you can use a tool box depends on the organization inside.

Final Words:

A tool box is necessary at the home, but it is just as important if you’re a truck driver and always on the road. You may use those tools for a living, or you like to carry them around just in case your truck breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

Whatever the case may be, there is no reason why you should not a have a tool box mounted on your ride. I hope that the information in this guide was able to help decide which of these is the best truck tool box for you.