How to Clean and Organize Your Truck Tool Box

A cluttered truck toolbox is a surefire way to frustration, as you’ll have no idea where to find the tool you’re looking for or if it is even in the toolbox. By keeping your toolbox organized you’ll get more out of it and be more productive as well.

Arrange in Layers:

Layering means putting the tools you most frequently use at the top and the tools that you rarely – if ever – utilize at the bottom. Start with those barely used tools and work your way up until you get to the uppermost layer.

By being systematic in how you arrange your tools, your most frequently used tools are within easy reach. This also makes it easier to find the tools you need.

Arrange Tools in Sections

There is nothing worse than opening a toolbox and find all the cluttered or worse with oil or grease all over them. One way to avoid this is to create sections using the compartments a to separate them.

One section could be for oil and grease bottles, another for screws, nuts and bolts, another for adhesives, cutting tools and so on. Using this approach you will be able to save a lot of time and make cleaning easier too.

Use Bags for Organization

Canvas bags, or any type of bag really, provides a quick way to arrange tools. Imagine putting all your nuts and bolts in one bag, drill bits in another, screwdrivers in another and so on. Label the bags and you’re done.

In case you need one of the tools, just look at the bag’s label and open it. This is a very convenient method, plus these bags are affordable too.

Use Clamps

Get a metal framed model, set them on your toolbox, and it can carry various types of clamps easily. With a sufficient number of clamps, your tools will be more accessible.

Use Foam for Protection

Why do a lot of electronics use foam? For protection, and you can use the same foam for your hand and power tools. Apart from protecting tools, foam also serves as a divider, making it easy to divide the content inside your toolbox.

Magnet Tool Holder

Exactly as the name implies, a magnet tool holder uses a magnet to store tools and keep them organized. These are affordable and practical too. Is your toolbox overcrowded? Just buy a few magnet tool holders, put your tools on them and you will free up space in your box.

Magnetic tool holders don’t only provide more space for your toolbox, but they also make your tools more accessible. A magnet tool holder is also a practical choice for small tools as it keeps you from losing them.


A truck toolbox is no different from that of other toolboxes in that the purpose is to keep the tools accessible. By following these tips you’ll be in better control of your tools and have easy access to them anytime.

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