He took his loved ones on a long drive for the weekend. But the tire of the car got punctured. At that time, he looked around and saw that there was no car servicing center in the vicinity.

Suv Car

Meanwhile, it is getting late, the possibility of danger may increase as the evening falls. So the car wheels must be changed as soon as possible. Instead of getting stuck, learn how to change a car tire yourself. Then you will get rid of danger and trouble soon.

Primary measures

If your car has a flat tire, first pull the car off the road and move it to a safe distance, so that the traffic on the road is not disturbed and other cars can hit your car and damage it. Then check if the car’s parking brake is fully applied. A car’s parking brake helps keep the car stationary. Then find half a piece of brick or stone around and place the bricks in front and behind the two wheels of the car. It will make the car more stable. Now take out the spare wheel of the car. Before changing the wheel, check if the spare or extra wheel has any defects. Do not try to lift the wheel with both hands, instead lift one side and roll it to the damaged wheel. Take out the necessary parts to change the car wheel and take it to the wheel.

Raise the vehicle by placing the jack in the correct position

Find a flat place to change the car tire or wheel. The vehicle should be jacked up by placing the vehicle on a flat surface. Otherwise, the new wheel of the car cannot be installed in the right place. And if the wheels of the car are not installed in the right place, then the risk of accidents will remain. Car wheels should be changed by keeping the car flat as shown in the picture below.

To change a tire or a wheel, the car wheel needs to be lifted slightly above the level. For this, a lever jack is used on the side of the car wheel. Check your vehicle’s user manual to confirm where your vehicle’s jack point is located. Position the jack at the jack point closest to the wheel to be replaced. Do not raise the wheel immediately after installing the jack. Before that, check if there is any hub cap on the wheels of your car. If there is a hub cap, remove it and loosen the wheel lug nut screw a little. If the wheel is raised, the lug nut cannot be loosened or loosened. Use a tire iron or wrench to loosen or loosen the lug nuts. Do not loosen the lug nut completely and add it slightly. Once all the lug nuts are loosened you will now jack up or raise your vehicle.

Loosen the lug nut the correct way

Continue to raise the car bit by bit by pressing on the jack up parts of the car. If the vehicle is gradually elevated, the wheel may come off lightly. Make sure the vehicle is stable. Once the car is raised enough, loosen the wheel lug bolts and carefully pull the wheel out. Keep the feet under the wheel while removing the wheel. Then it won’t fall off when opening the wheel. And there will be no possibility of damage.

Now it’s time to put the wheels on the car

After removing the damaged or punctured wheel, replace the spare wheel. Attach the wheel to the lug in place with the wheel facing outwards, and with the foot on the bottom slightly elevated. Check that the wheel is properly attached to the lug. If the car has a rubber hammer, use it to firmly connect the wheel to the lug. Now attach the lug bolts to the lug nuts.

Stop…don’t tighten all the lug bolts yet.

Attach the tire to the lug and tighten it by hand as much as possible and tighten the lug nut by hand. After tightening as much as possible by hand, jack the car down and bring it down to the ground level. Then tighten each lug nut with a tire iron or wrench. Tighten the lug nuts in a criss-cross fashion. That is, with a lug-nut tight, do not tighten the one next to it. After tightening one nut, tighten the nut on the opposite side. Once all the tights are done transversely, pick up the damaged wheel with the jack tool and tire iron and other tools in the trunk of the car.

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