Best Tool Belt Reviews & Buying Guide 2019

Have you tried looking for the best tool belt online? Well if you did chances are you got flooded with hundreds if not thousands of tool belts. Going through product reviews is a good idea, but it’s not possible to read all the reviews of all the products.

I have a good idea of what that is like so I went ahead and sifted through the various products. I have made sure each review is as detailed as possible. There is also a buyer’s guide so if you are a first timer buyer you’ll know what to look for.

Why You Need a Tool Belt

If you look at electricians, carpenters, plumbers and construction workers, you will see them wearing a tool belt. Even DIY buffs wear one too, so what is the reason for this? Well the fact is a tool belt has a lot of uses.

The best tool belt is versatile and can be fine tuned to match the needs of whoever is wearing it. If you’re an electrician, you can use the belt to carry your voltmeter, multi meter, pliers and other tools.

A carpenter, plumber and other professionals can do the same. If you’re into outdoor adventures, you can use this belt for all the items you want to bring alone. A tool belt is not only used by the professional by the way, as it is also for anyone needs a belt to organize their tools.

A well made tool belt can be used for a wide range of activities. Aside from carrying tools, a tool belt to quickly access the tools you need. It is by and large the most practical option if you carry a lot of tools and is always on the move. These belts are also ergonomic.

A tool belt also has many other uses. You could for example, use the compartments in the belt to arrange the items in order of priority. How you arrange the items is up to you, but the point is there are a now a lot of ways to organize the things you need for easy access. 

Types of Tool Belts

The best tool belt is not the most featured packed, but the one that is suitable for the project at hand. Here are the most common.

Electrician’s Tool belt

Electricians’ tool belts have padding to make it more comfortable to wear. They have also been designed to distribute weight evenly so there is less pressure. A well-made electrician’s belt also comes with drill pockets and storage for electrician’s tools. These belts also have padding for greater comfort.

These tool belts are designed to fit different waist sizes, and they’re also light. The pockets have also been built with durable zippers and clips.

A carpenter’s tool belt is made of durable materials to withstand weather extremities. These belts also have lots of pockets, pouches, sleeves and clips to carry all sorts of carpenter’s tools. Many of these belts are compatible with suspenders or compatible with them.

One of the most common traits shared by carpenter’s tool belts is their use of metal hardware. These belts are also easy on your hips and back, and that’s crucial if you re going to use it for hours on end.

Construction’s Tool belt

A construction’s toolbelt is designed mainly for construction workers but they’re suitable for any job that requires durable materials. A construction toolbelt has many of the same features as an electrician and carpenter’s toolbelt. Most are also made of heavy duty nylon and have ergonomic handles.

A construction toolbelt has padding and air ventilation to keep you comfortable. The belt’s design also keeps seating to a minimum so you can be more productive. They not only have a lot of pockets, but are also comfortable.

Some tool belts do not specify if they are for an electrician, carpenter or construction worker. But if you read the description you’ll get an idea.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Tool Belt

So you’ve made up your mind to buy only the best tool belt. That is an excellent idea, but you will only get the best if you know what to look for.

Materials: The most common are leather, nylon, polyester and cloth. Leather is one of the most durable, high quality and stylish. Nylon is not as stylish as leather but is still durable and can take a lot of punishment. Polyester is also durable and widely used by tool belt brands.

Storage and Capacity: This one does not need a long explanation. A good toolbelt needs to have several pockets, sleeves or pouches to hold your tools. As to the number, it really depends on how many tools and supplies you need to bring.

These pockets come in different styles. Some are mesh, with zippers and with varying depths as well. Think of the tools you use and what pocket sizes are best suited for them. This will save you a lot of trouble later on.

Comfort: How comfortable is the tool belt? Does it put a lot of pressure on your hips and back? It should not, and the weight should be evenly distributed. This is where sustainability will come into play. Before you buy one of these, make sure you’ve taken that into account.

Special Features: By special features I am referring to the design, i.e. the belt is made specifically for an electrician, carpenter, construction worker etc. You can also use a general all purpose tool belt if you think that is what you’ll need.

Just because a toolbelt does not say it is specifically made for the job you do doesn’t mean it is inadequate. On the contrary, these belts are built for a lot of tasks and are versatile enough to handle them.

Accessibility: What’s the use of having a tool belt with a lot of pockets if they’re hard to access? When shopping for a tool belt, pay attention to the pockets’ placements and how easily you can reach them.

If you’re going to use the toolbelt frequently, the pockets must be accessible. You should be able to take the tool you need and put it back in just as quickly. The faster you’re able to do this, the more tasks you’ll get done.

Durability: This is another feature that does not need a lot of explaining. You’ll be going on the road, exposing the belt to dust, dirt, rain, wind, heat etc. You’ll be packing a lot of tools in it, taking them out, organizing etc. The tool belt must be strong enough to handle that. Value is determined not just by the price, but how long you’ll be able to use the tool belt.

5 Best Tool Belts:

ToughBuilt - Contractor Tool Belt SetToughBuilt lives up to its name by making one of the best tool belt products today. The belt has three pouches, three ClipTech Hubs, a hammer loop, and a total of 36 pockets to pack your supplies and tools.
With its multi pocket organizer it’ll be easier to keep your tools in order. It also has a couple of measuring tape clips, a notebook pocket and several loops to hang your tools.
The ToughBuilt also has a pocket for speed squares and fits 32 to 48 inch waists. The belt is comprised of 6 layers for greater durability.


  • Has several pockets.
  • Made for heavy duty use.
  • Comes with a hammer loop.
  • Adjustable.
  • Suitable for different tasks.


  • Metal loops could use improvement.
  • Zipper seems a bit loose in some models.

Summary of Amazon Reviews

A lot of the people who bought the Tough Built are content with its performance. One of those that got to buy the belt said it is of high quality. Another customer who gave the belt 5 stars said the mechanism is superb.

A customer who bought the Tough Built tool belt said it provides excellent support for the tools and that it is comfortable to wear. Another reviewer went to say the belt is just what he wanted for work.

One of the many positive reviews that have been posted by customers say the belt is very to adjust. He also said it is one of the most comfortable that he has worn. Some of the reviewers also like the padding and how it keeps the belt comfortable.

After going through the various reviews, it is obvious the Tough Built is one of the better tool belts out there. It is also versatile and one of the most durable.

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 6714

The 6714 earns a spot in my best tool belt for being one for its versatility. This is a five piece rig with suspenders and belt so you’ll be comfortable while wearing it.

Designed for 29 to 46 inch waists, the belt has 31 pockets, pouches, holders and sleeves. With a lot of storage options to choose from, getting your tools set up is easy.

The 6714 suspenders have special padding that provides extra support while you’re wearing the belt. Even if the bet is fully loaded, the weight is evenly distributed on your hips and back so you’ll be comfortable.


  • Has several pockets.
  • Fits different waist sizes.
  • Adjustment is easy to do.
  • Allows you to carry large tools.
  • Made from high end materials.


  • The pry bar holder is a bit loose
  • The belt is a bit large for small individuals

Summary of Amazon Reviews

The CLC Custom LeatherCraft 6714 has gotten some of the best reviews for any all around tool belt. One of the reviewers said the belt and harness are exceptionally good and sturdy.

Another happy customer said the belt is comfortable, easy to set up, and doesn’t put pressure on his hips or back. There is also feedback from one of those who said the toolbelt quality is better than others he had tried.

The 6714 also got the thumbs up from a long time toolbelt wearer who said the belt is comfortable and durable. This view is echoed by a lot of the customers who also like the way it has been put together. Compared to other toolbelts, the 6714 offers more value.

Based on customer feedback, the 6714 is more than capable of handling your needs whatever they may be at work.

DEWALT DG5617 Tool Belt

The DG5617 makes it to this list of the best tool belt by virtue of its capacity and durability. The belt has 20 small pockets and 9 large pockets where you can put nails, screws, pliers, pencils, parts and other stuff.

The belt also has a utility knife pocket so you don’t accidentally rip any of the pockets. The belt also has a zippered pocket so you can keep your valuables safe.

The belt uses a proprietary pouch handle that lets you adjust the belt. Its cell phone holder also has neoprene padding to protect your mobile device. The belt itself has Dri-Lex five inch padding to keep you comfortable.


  • Numerous pockets are built in
  • Built to last
  • Comes with a mobile phone holder
  • Made of high quality components
  • Easy to adjust suspenders


  • The main pockets may be too large for some
  • The zipper could be more durable

Summary of Amazon Reviews

The feedback for the DG5617 is one indication of how good it is. One of those who bought the belt said it is better than the previous version. The reviewer also said the belt pockets are well made.

One of those who purchased the DG5617 said in his review that it is worth the money. He also said the belt is easy to adjust. One reviewer wrote she bought the belt as a gift for her dad and he’s very happy with it.

The DG5617 also got a positive review from a customer who said this is the right toolbelt to buy. She also added this is worth the money and she’d buy it again.

These are among the many reviews about the DG5617 that you’re going to come across, and as is show here, they’re favorable.

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 175274

The 175274 is an all purpose tool belt for anyone who wants a dependable companion. It has four main pockets for large tools and 6 small ones for nails, pencils, screws and other small items.

The 175274 can accommodate 29 to 46 inch waists, and with its steel buckle belt you’ll be comfortable. Its hammer loop is a metal snap, and its central pocket is ideal for nails, tape measure and other items.

The belt is constructed from suede leather, making it more durable than the tool belt. All the pockets have been specially stitched and reinforced as well.


  • Available in different styles
  • Top grain leather
  • Well designed hammer loop
  • Fits 29 to 46 inch waist
  • Doesn’t wear out easily


  • Belt adjustment could be easier
  • The buckle design is just average

Summary of Amazon Reviews

The 175274 has received several reviews and majority have had nothing but positive things to say about it. A reviewer gave the 175274 five stars, noting that it’s well built and worth the money.

Another reviewer also awarded the 175274 five stars, saying that it is the best tool belt he has bought. This view is similar to what another customer said, that it works as well as claimed. The reviewer particularly liked how the pencil holders function.

Another customer gave the 175274 five stars because according to her, it’s perfect. This is also the sentiment of another customer who gave the tool belt 5 stars, stating that it’s good for the money. Another reviewer agreed about its quality and use for long term.

These are not all the reviews about the tool belt that has been posted, but it’s enough to show that most of the people who bought the tool belt are satisfied with it.

ToughBuilt Pouch + Shoulder Strap TB-CT-104The TB-CT-104 makes a case for itself as one of the best tool belt for its practical features. The belt has 25 loops and pockets so you can take all your important tools and utilities.

The TB-CT-104 also has a notebook pocket and a clip for your tape measure. The belt is also equipped with a tape chain, wire tester pocket and flashlight holder.

This tool belt also comes with a three tool pockets and a Clip Tech hub. It is also large enough for flashlights ranging from AA to D cell, plus its shoulder strap has padding.


  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Well designed pockets.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Can be used anywhere.
  • Accessible pockets.


  • Small version not compatible with SM260 multimeters.
  • Clasp is a little hard to open.

Summary of Amazon Reviews

The TB-CT-104 tool belt has had several reviews and most have positive things to say. One of those who purchased it called the tool belt awesome. Another buyer liked the clip system and that it is able to hold drivers and drill bits.

Another customer gave the TB-CT-104 five stars, saying it’s exactly what he was looking for. The same view has been shared by other customers who said it is a solid product. Another reviewer added that this is worth the purchase.

Another customer said the TB-CT-104 is the best one he has tried and that he highly recommends it. The same thing has been said by other buyers who like the pockets and loops on the tool belt.

The TB-CT-104 also got 5 stars from a seasoned wearer of tool belts, saying that it is solidly constructed.

The feedback this product has been getting serves as a good indicator of its capabilities. Overall, the response is very positive.

Advantages of a Tool Belt:

So you’re probably wondering why get the best tool belt? Well there are a lot of good reasons, including the following.

  • A tool belt provides flexibility and more options for organizing tools.
  • Tool belts can be adjusted to fit your body so you’re comfortable.
  • They come with a lot of pockets, pouches, sleeves and clips for your favorite tools.
  • A tool belt can be tailored for specific tasks, i.e. some are deigned for electricians, carpenters and so on.
  • A tool belt is ideal if you are always on the go as you can take all your favorite tools with you.
  • A tool belt can be adjusted to accommodate people with varying wast sizes.
  • Tool belts come in a variety of sizes to match whatever your current needs are.
  • A well constructed tool belt will last a lot longer than regular belts.

Take Care of Your Tool Belt:

Now that you’ve got your tool belt, it’s time to take a look at ways to care for and maintain it. Yes it’s true, these belts are made for heavy duty use and should do fine under difficult working conditions. But a bit of care is definitely going to help.

  • Wipe dirt and grime on a regular basis, preferably after you’re done using it.
  • Clean the pockets as well and make sure there is no buildup of dirt inside.
  • Use a damp cloth only if cleaning with a dry cloth does not work.
  • If the belt got wet, clean it thoroughly, turning the pockets inside out if necessary.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals when cleaning your tool belt.
  • Don’t store your belt until it has completely dried.

Final Words:

A tool belt is necessary for anyone who wants to be productive and get as much work done as possible. By getting one of these you’ll be able to speed up a lot of tasks as your tools are easier to access and get to.

All the 5 products that have been reviewed here are made of the highest quality materials. I chose them specifically because of these quantities, and no matter which one you choose, you will get a fully functional toolbelt.

I did not pick a single winner because all of them have the right to be called the best tool belt. So if you’re looking for a tool belt, just pick one from the list here and enjoy.