Best Carpenters Tool belt Reviews & Buying Guide 2018

Are you looking for the best carpenters tool belt? I know how how overwhelming it can be. After all every brand claims to have the best tool belt for carpenter, but you and I know that these things are not made equal.

To make things simpler I have prepared here reviews of the top 5. In writing these reviews I have included as much detailed information as possible. This will show why I decided to include these toolbelts in this list.

If you’re new to these products or want to know more, I’ve included a buyer’s guide to help you out.

Why You Need Carpenters Tool Belt ?

You need the best tool belt for carpenter because it makes your work easier. As someone who works with a lot of tools, you can use the belt’s pouches, bags and pockets to store them.

As a carpenter you’ll also be using an assortment of bolts, nuts and screws. These items are easy to lose if you just stuff them in your pants or shirt pockets. Filling up your bag with these small items is impractical as you’ll need to dig through your entire bag to find them, so a toolbelt is the answer.

You also use a toolbelt to organize your tools. Simply arrange the tools by order of how often you use them. Stuff in the pockets and this way all the items will be within easy reach.

You can also use a toolbelt to better manage your tools. What makes a toolbelt effective is they can be used by professional carpenters and DIY enthusiasts.

The bottom line is a tool belt provides a lot of benefits. Whether you’re a full fledged carpenter or a weekend hobbyist, a tool belt will be useful. Even if you only use a few tool at the start, you may end up using more as your skill set increases. That is when you will realize the many usages of a carpenter tool belt.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Carpenters Tool Belt:

While all brands will say they have the best carpenters tool belt, you don’t have to take their word for it. By knowing the most important features of a tool belt you will understand what factors to consider.

Number of Pockets: A good carpenter tool belt should have enough pockets to hold the tools you’ll be using. How many do you think you’ll need, 2 pockets, 4, 6 or more? Prepare a list of the items you want to carry and use that as a guide to finding the right belt.

Other Storage Options: Pockets aside, look for a tool belt with sleeves for a pry bar, a clip for tools you often use and secure pockets for nuts and bolts.

Weight:  The weight of a tool belt will come into play when you fill it up with tools. The tools are going to pack some weight, and if the belt’s already it’s going to be uncomfortable. You should look for a light tool belt but with lots of pockets and made from durable materials.

Materials: Leather is ideal, but other tool belts are made from synthetic materials or a combination of leather with other materials. Whatever the case, make sure to buy only from a reputable to get a guarantee of its quality and built.

Comfort: This cannot be stated enough. If you’re going to wear the tool belt all day, it should be comfortable. Even when full the belt shouldn’t feel too heavy. The pockets and sleeves should be within easy reach, and your back should not bear the weight.

If the belt comes with suspenders, make sure that it is adjustable. Padding is also necessary to ease the pressure and to make sure weight is distributed properly.

Flexibility and Fit: What is the maximum waistline the belt can support? Can you remove the suspenders? Is it possible to add more pockets?

You also need to consider your height as the suspenders on these belts may be designed for a specific height.


Anytime you’re going to buy a product you check the reviews the tool belt gets. Are people happy with the product? If the customer reviews are negative then you should look for another product to buy.

Durability: Is this tool belt designed to last? Can you take this with you to a rugged environment? Will it hold up to long term use? No point getting a tool belt that you’ll need to baby.

5 Best Carpenters Tool Belts:

CLC Custom Leathercraft CLC 1614 Framer's Rig:

What makes the Leathercraft one of the best carpenters toolbelt is that it comes with 20 pockets – and a 31 pocket version is available – so you can carry small hand tools, nails and screws.

With 13 sleeves, 6 pockets and 2 hammer holders, there’s enough storage for whatever you need to carry. The sleeves are also ideal for a carpenter’s square and pry bar.

The belt has fortified webbing to make it more durable. It also has a Sta-Open pocket design for your convenience.

The tool belt’s padded suspenders are adjustable, and the roller buckle is solidly made. With its carry handle you’ll also have no problems carrying the belt and wearing it. Putting items in the pockets is easy and it’s ideal for DIY buffs and carpenters.


  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Lots of pockets.
  • Made from durable materials.
  • Doesn’t cause any strain.
  • Easy to adjust.


  • The shoulder pads could use more cushion.
  • A little loose for those with 28 inch and smaller waistlines.

Summary of Amazon Reviews

Many reviewers agree the CLC 1614 Framer’s Rig is one of the best carpenters tool belt. One reviewer gave it 5 stars and said it is perfect. Another reviewer wrote to say the belt is very good and exceeded expectations.

Still another customer said the belt is well designed and comes with a lot of pockets. This is echoed by other customers who say the belt distributes weight nicely. One of those who bought the belt said it’s comfortable and ideal for carpenters.

A close reading of the reviews shows most are happy with its durability. One of those who purchased the tool belt wrote that it serves its purpose well. Judging by the feedback, it’s easy to give the Farmer’s Rig a recommendation.

CLC Custom Leathercraft 444X Single Suede Bag:

The 444X is made from heavy duty leather and can withstand use in rugged environments. It also has the proprietary Sta-Open design that makes it easy to get those fasteners, nails and screws.

The 444X is designed not just for carpenters but also plumbers, contractors, DIY buffs and construction workers. With the suede leather the belt holds up to long term use.

Thanks to the way the tool belt is constructed, tools are easy to pull and out back in. The spacious pocket also has room for pliers, blades, pencils and other small tools.


  • Comes in different styles.
  • Made from heavy duty materials.
  • Pockets are deep and wide.
  • Tools are easy to access.
  • Comes with a steel loop for hanging tools.


  • Main pocket loops are small.
  • Hammer loops tend to swing.

Summary of Amazon Reviews

The reviews have been mostly positive, and that tells you how good the 444X is. One of those who gave this toolbelt 5 stars says it provides excellent value. This sentiment is shared by other customers who like the simplicity and versatility.

A reviewer gave the 444X 5 stars, commenting that the belt meets his needs. He also likes the fact that the 444X makes it easy to get the tools he has to use.

Among the many reviews of the product, one said the 444X is just the right size for his tools and utilities. He further pointed out there’s enough room space for screwdrivers, tape measure, pencils and other tools.

Another customer said he did a lot of research before deciding on the 444X. After buying however, he says he’s happy and has been using it everyday to work. As these reviews indicate, the 444X is a well made product.

DEWALT DG5472 12-Pocket Carpenter's Top Grain Leather Apron:

The DG5472 comes with 12 deep, wide pockets for quick storage of your essential tools. With its dual gusset front pockets there is more space for tools while still offering quick access.

The belt is designed for waist sizes 29 to 46 inches so compatibility won’t be a problem. With its top grain leather, the belt is clearly built for use in the rugged outdoors.

There are 7 small pockets and sleeves and 5 main pockets, allowing you to mix and match the tools, nails and other items.


  • Lots of pockets.
  • Quick adjustments.
  • Good for outdoor use.
  • Made from top grain leather.
  • Light.


  • Feels a bit stiff.
  • The belt is a bit small.

Summary of Amazon Reviews

A lot of the reviews have been favorable, with many calling the DG5472 one of the best tool belt for carpenter products today.

These are just some of the reviews about the DG5472 you can read online. One of those who bought the belt gave it 5 stars, saying it is high quality and dependable.

Another one said the belt is ideal for DIY enthusiasts and those who carry lots of tools. He also said the belt’s pockets make it easy to find the items you’ll be using.

Another reviewer said the DG5472 is made for heavy duty use. She also said it is one of the most durable belts she’d come across.

A long time contractor also gave the DG5472 the full 5 stars. In is brief review the customer said the belt does the job and has the right number of pockets.

Another one of those customers described it as a durable, flexible and soft bag. He also added this is exactly the kind of tool belt he needed.

DEWALT DG5650 31-Pocket Professional Carpenter's Pro-combo Apron Tool Belt:

The DG5650 comes with 31 pockets and sleeves, giving you lots of space for tools, nails and other items. There’s also a utility knife pocket and a couple of metal hammer holders too.

With its double tongue roller buckle you’ll be more comfortable wearing. There is also a specially designed holder for mobile phones, a nice touch.

The tool belt has a Dri-Lex liner and half a dozen inches of padding. Combine this with the other pockets and you’ve got a fully functional tool belt.


  • Comes with zippered pockets. 
  • Simple adjustment mechanism.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Stable and secure,


  • May be too large for casual use.
  • A bit stiff.

Summary of Amazon Reviews

Reviews for the DG5650 have been mostly in its favor. One of the reviewers said he absolutely loves the DG5650 tool belt and uses it every day. Another reviewer said pretty much the same thing and says it’s reliable.

One customer gave it 5 stars, calling it the best tool belt for carpenter he’s tried. He says he likes it so much he’s buying another one.

A lot of the reviewers also like the fact that it’s big with plenty of space for tools. A customer gave it 4 stars, saying it’s for those who like to carry their toolboxes.

The DG5650 has also received good feedback among professional carpenters and DIY enthusiasts alike. One 5 star reviewer said the belt allows him to arrange his tools neatly.

Another reviewer said the DG5650 has great stitching and should last a long time. He also the material is rigid and the belt doesn’t move around. These views are shared by a lot of other people who bought the DG5650 tool belt.

CLC Custom Leathercraft 5605M:

The 5605M is equipped with 18 holders, sleeves and pockets for storing tools and nails. Designed for 29 to 46 inch waists, the 5605M is designed with versatility in mind.

The 5605M comfort belt is 5 inches wide, and the roller buckle is double tongue steel. The rest of the belt is made of tough poly fabric and for heavy duty applications.

The 5605M is easy to adjust so you’ll be more comfortable while wearing it. The pockets’ design also ensures the items inside will not spill.

The parts can be interchanged and removed, giving you lots of flexibility and options to work with. Being able to customize the belt is another one of its benefits.


  • Spacious pockets.
  • Available in different styles.
  • Interchangeable parts.
  • Made from quality materials.
  • Comfortable to wear.


  • Most suitable for those with large waists.
  • The rear bag is a bit small.

Summary of Amazon Reviews

A lot of customers have bought the 5605M and majority are content with it. One customer gave the tool belt 5 stars and said simply it’s the best one’s he used. Another customer titled his review “great material quality” and that it fits nicely.

Another customer awarded the 5605M with 5 stars, saying he loves it. This feedback is shared by another online reviewer who said he’s been using it for a long time. A lot of other reviewers also say they’ve been using the 5605M and happy with the results.

One customer said she got the tool belt as a present for her husband. He was happy with it and commended 5605M for its durability. Other customers who bought the tool belt agree the tool belt works.

When all the reviews are taken into account, it’s clear that 5605M is one of the better tool belt’s out there.

Advantages of Carpenters Tool Belt:

  • The best tool belt for carpenter comes with a lot of pockets to store your tools.
  • You can adjust a tool belt until you’re comfortable wearing it.
  • A tool belt can be used in rugged locations.
  • You can store a lot of tools and nails in one of these tool belts.
  • All your tools are accessible.
  • Some of these tool belts have suspenders so you’ll be more comfortable wearing it.
  • Some tool belts allow you to remove bags and pouches.
  • Many of these belts have clips for hammers and other tools.

Take Care of Your Carpenters Tool Belt:

A carpenter’s tool belt is designed for rugged, heavy duty use, so it does not need a lot of maintenance. However there are some things you can do to prolong its lifespan.

  • Clean the tool belt as indicated especially if it is leather.
  • Do not put sharp, pointed in the pockets as it could create a hole.
  • Adjust the tool belt only as indicated.
  • Do not use harsh abrasives when cleaning the tool belt.
  • Inspect the belt regularly for damage.

Final Words:

As I have pointed out in this review guide, a tool belt is essential for a carpenter, and this really makes a difference if you work with a lot of tools.

As to which is the best carpenters tool belt among the 5, the choice is up to you. What I can say with certainty is all the products here are of good quality. No matter which one you choose you’ll be able to store those tools you use.